ljtryout (ljtryout) wrote,

Is it 2008 again? Russell T. Davies assembles the old Torchwood team for more Torchwood!!

- Barrowman slipped (as usual) during an arrow press event that they're doing 3 to 4 new Torchwood Radio Plays for BBC.
- Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardener are writing it.
- Barrowman and his sister might write one of them.
- One of the plays will feature the entire Torchwood team, the others will be "character-based".
- He teased that the radio plays might lead into something on TV.


ONTD would you want to see more Torchwood? I'm just happy we're getting more Janto tbh.

Tags: doctor who (bbc), john barrowman, lgbtq / rights, television - british, television - starz, torchwood (bbc / starz)


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